2025: “Being a hub for the International Abrasive Trading, operating from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”
2021: “To be a globally respected top ten organization in our industry”

We assure our clients of the best products and services in the industry and even provide different brands to select from. We have quality standards in place to assure you the best in quality. Quality Control

Through all our products, services, and relationships we add to the quality value and safety of our customer’s performance.

Tronco Flex

Tronco Flex provides an excellent selection of abrasive products in an array of markets, materials, and applications – delivering the highest productivity and cost performance ratio in both stock and made-to-order solutions.

A complete range of cutting-edge, innovative products designed to perform in any abrasive application in all markets.


Mastroflex flap disc selection includes options that save time and money while completing grinding and finishing work on a wide range of metallic workpieces. Mastroflex flap discs made with superior grains and backing materials which is mainly used in paint removal, grinding, polishing on a wide range of material, like metal, wood, stone, etc. Mastroflex flap discs made for professionals who need maximum productivity at minimum operating costs.

ATI Swords

Designed for greater wheel life, optimum cut rate and extremely good value for money. Our products are made in the KSA and are ISO certified. Its diverse range of abrasive materials and efficiency, allows ATI to bring excellent quality to the market, being the only Aramco approved product for Saudi abrasives